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You wake up, follow the same routine, sleep, rinse and repeat... Does this sound familiar?

It’s not about dancing to the beat of someone else’s drum, cause you’ll get tired just like a monkey does with the sound of the organ grinding each and every day and living from pay check to pay check, just enough to make ends meet.

It’s about empowering yourself to re-design your world with total joy and prosperity, after all there is a calling within each and every one of us. You must learn to fine-tune from failures and discover your talentsabilities and developing your strengths as you move forward each and every step of the way. Embrace the empowerment as you work with our team of expert psychologists, neuroscience medical professionals, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, meditation and more! 

Life is about learning from out past. Recycling your life experiences into your passion and profit. Building success, total freedom, prosperity and security into a life and business that’s richly satisfying.

Whatever your goals are, our team will guide you along the way! YOU CAN CERTAINLY ACHIEVE TOTAL TRANSFORMATION in any area of your life, by being guided with these special tailor made “tool kits” created by our team of professionals that have helped so many of our clients and members achieve the life they want to live by their own design.

Through collaboration and with over 30 years experience in coaching people from all over the world, in alleviating debilitating feelings of stress and anxiety which distorts life’s perspective of freedom, joy and success, destroying negative mental stressors holding you back from becoming your BEST SELF, discovering your true passion in life and how to achieve REAL freedom in life and business.

You're not in this alone. When you join The Secret Zone it is more than just "being a member"... Our team of dedicated experts will coach and guide you down the road to prosperity. We give you a road map, and the tools you need to get you to your destination!


Ankica is a clinical hypnotherapist and life/abundance coach who combines neuroscience, clinical hypnotherapy, shifting energy, and specific mind expansion strategies (and some metaphysics of course) to deliver long-term transformation for her clients and members.

You may be wondering a little about why I am here and why would my team and I be the coach to guide you through into total transformation.

Let me tell you a quick story about my personal journey through mind-numbing financial hardships and dark tunnels, such as being penniless and homeless with 3 infant children as a sole parent from a very violent and abusive marriage.

I know what it was like to run and go into hiding with a broken down old vehicle, on a hot summers day, hours on the road, with your babies crying in the back seat, trying to find shelter in a woman’s refuge and know what it’s like to beg to be able to sleep inside a refuge as it was difficult to find any vacant shelters…

…then to go through bankruptcy, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, stress and 2 years later working endless 70/hr plus weeks to make ends meet and trying to create a “normal” lifestyle for the sake of your children and yourself. (Crazy stuff, right? But when push comes to shove, you find yourself doing things you didn’t know was in you)

So throughout those years of struggle – emotionally and psychologically – I trialed and studied so many ……………various mind expansion techniques which included; positive psychology and neurosciencelaws of attraction, alternative belief systems and various modalities and a lot of mind enhancement systems and techniques, in order to co create a life I love as well as creating prosperity and freedom.

And yes, they started to make some shift in my life, but still there seem to be some missing components that made my journey of self-empowerment and financial freedom very……. Very………. Very……….. slow!

Until I discovered (through trial and error and years of working with my clients and a lot more research) that there were certain techniques in a certain order that would make a dramatic shift in anyone’s life in a shorter time frame, as we all want quick results right?

This amazing discovery changed my whole life and so many of my clients and members lives for the better with total transformation in their personal and professional life style.

From there on out, nothing was ever the same.

And this doesn’t just mean more money, but more freedom to discover life’s purpose and start enjoying what you do, which was one of my absolute breakthroughs, as well as the freedom to enjoy quality time with family.

This passion for self-actualization and total empowerment and “trial by fire” morphed into an unquenchable drive to start my own practice as I was doing one-on-one coaching and hypnotherapy for already successful individuals looking to achieve their true life’s purpose and goals or suffering extreme stress levels and anxiety due to high demands in their business and entrepreneurial roles.

Today, (years later) my private practice has grown purely by referrals, and I have partnered with top professionals to help deliver the best possible support and experience for my clients to help transform their lives. We have helped so many individuals to achieve total freedom and huge success in various parts of their lives, as well as coaching clients from around the globe, which finally lead me to create this special membership area with tailor made “toolkits” to guide my awesome members for total transformation, redesign and create the dream life they choose to live.

Never one to stay complacent, this special membership area is stacked full of one-of-a-kind tools, programs, proven techniques, and resources engineered to help individuals from anywhere in the world get rid of any “sticking point” holding them back with mind-boggling ease.

When you join our empowering membership, you’ll join a movement that makes a REAL difference in life and business; you’ll get access to a coach who “rose from the ashes” to transform herself from being virtually no one and having absolutely nothing but the clothes on her back to achieving complete and total independence by doing what she loves to do and doing the same for all of her clients and members.You will also get access to premium content and support from professionals specialized in a variety of specialties around the world.

Her many clients and members love the membership area with a variety of fun and empowering toolkits that guide towards total transformation and redesigning a life you want to live.