How to Feel Energized and Empowered

Can a good mix of holistic practitioners offer you a variety of choices to get the transformation happening in your life?

Most of us want to be successful and reach abundance in our life.

Does the law of attraction provide another avenue for achieving success and finding a more positive way to live?

One way is to change our stress energy and recycle it into success energy is by shifting our focus from the negative towards the positive.

Redirecting our thoughts can be challenging at times, especially when you are “feeling low of energy”.

But when we intentionally change our thinking and reprogram our brains, we can change our reality and our life.

Our perspective becomes brighter and we have higher vibrational energy, which in turn does attract more good into our life.

Consider your current energy levels.

How motivated and able do you feel you can cope with the demands of your environment?

If you are like most people, then you may find that you are feeling drained.

This is then reflected in the outcomes you find.

Your results may not be particularly amazing when you are not feeling as amazing.

Low energy levels mean that fewer things get done, and that you have less time to devote to the tasks that matter and moving towards your dream goals.

In particular, even if your thinking and focus is on the law of attraction, your brain is running low on energy, and that can hurt many different aspects of your life.

Shifting your energy is a way of improving the results that you achieve day to day.

By shifting your energy, you can move towards abundance and use the law of attraction even further to your advantage.

It involves allowing new, better things to enter into your life and joining the flow state yourself.

 When in flow, you are engaged, energized, and committed, so your results reflect this change.

 You bring more abundance into your life in many forms.

But of course, it’s not easy to change our energy.

Our current patterns reflect the way in which we have been living for a long time.

They are shaped by long-term habits from all types of environmental factors .

The first thing to work with in terms of the law of attraction involves bad habits that lead to negative results in your life.

For example, negative thinking can be distilled down to a set of bad habits: we are used to thinking negative things about ourselves, the world, the future, and so on (it’s almost like we are afraid of permitting ourselves a better life to live).

If you are sick of attracting the wrong situations, consider what bad habits may be interlinked  to these.

Breaking with the old patterns of behavior it’s important to create new habits.

When you remove some bad patterns, you do several things.

First, you open yourself up for further change.

Secondly, you free up a lot of effort and energy that were directed at sustaining these patterns.

Thirdly, it allows you to create new habits that help you align with an abundant mindset.

By shifting patterns we can attract the good and reach a higher vibrational level in terms of our energy.

When we get stuck in a series of habits, these shape our routine.

We become abit like robots, repeating the same things over and over and this becomes our comfort zone we are so use to living in and accept it as part of our “normal life”.

This reinforces the harmful aspects of our lives.

For example, if you are used to being pessimistic about a task or situation, it’s more likely that you receive a negative outcome and then, the next time, you will feel more justified in being pessimistic.

It becomes a cycle that grows stronger with every repetition and it takes away our very own power to “feel- great, happy and empowered with confidence”. 

Let’s take a look at an example of a bad habit that can get you down more and more.

Consider something like not exercising.

Not exercising is nearly universally acknowledged to be a bad habit, as it is a proven risk for your own health and well-being.

It can hurt your immune system, your heart, and many other aspects of the body, not to mention lowers your self esteem.

The more you avoid it, the more you put yourself at risk over time. 

However, this habit is also tied to a vicious cycle in your thinking.

You know what you should be doing and may feel ashamed or guilty over being so sedentary.

 These negative emotions might keep you passive.

You may feel as if you are not capable of maintaining an active lifestyle.

If you keep on avoiding it, you feel even less capable.

More and more negative things may occur.

Your health gets worse, as does your self-esteem.

If you break this cycle, it will bring along a lot of positive changes into your life.

You will be able to change your old way of thinking to a more positive pattern and build a better sense of self-esteem.

Breaking the bad habit of a passive lifestyle will give you more energy.

Breaking this habit will also allow you to shift your whole life and  leave you the opportunity to create new habits.

As in that point in time you would have recognized your own power to change something that was old and was no longer working for you.

We can extrapolate this example to many other situations.

When you find yourself constantly facing negative outcomes and situations, it may be a result of a negative thinking habit and it’s important to stop and break that thought then and there!

Changing this will change the outcome and empower you.

It’s useful to think about our lives in terms of habits because in our daily life, that’s what we have and how we live.

Let’s face it, it takes a lot more energy to form a new habit, than it does to keeping the old habit we are so use to.

Getting up at a certain time is a habit.

Feeling angry is a habit.

Smoking is a habit.

Our life is made up of many different habits, some of them bad and some of them constructive.

By eliminating some of the bad ones, we can make huge changes in our life and work towards positive outcomes.

Bad habits can make our energy stagnate.

The energy doesn’t go anywhere, it’s just focused on a few tasks that are repeated over and over.

The creative part of our mind gets switched off.

Considering this, we also need to take into account our goals.

Are there goals that are important for you?

The answer, likely, is yes.

 If so, then making new, better habits, is a good way of reaching these goals.

Most objectives can be reached through a continued and repetitious effort, and using positive habits is a way of working towards these goals.

For example, if you want to get fit, you need to work out frequently, maybe even every day.

By building new, better habits, you are able to change your energy and improve your situation.

You are able to reach your goals and create the best version of yourself.

The best version of yourself is always in the flow of energy, because the more you develop your potential, the more opportunities you unlock, it’s like the universe is giving you good  things that come your way.

Through better habits and better goals, you can always grow to be more effective, more productive, happier, and healthier.

You can always work towards a better you.

Changing habits and shifting your energy is not just about reaching a specific goal and then stopping.

 It’s about a continuous process and evolution.

When you challenge yourself with new dreams and goals, you are able to become a better version of yourself and reach even higher than before (this is always an empowering type of energy, where it creates more opportunities in your life.)

It allows you to stretch your mind and continue growing.

It prevents stagnation energy and helps you manage a higher level of energy.

You need to work on improving yourself every day, you can begin with baby steps, as then you have more of a chance of stabilizing those new thought patterns of achievement and success into your brain.

By being constant, you assure your success.

Good habits make it easier.

It takes less effort to do something that’s already ingrained and a part of your routine.  

You can reprogram your subconscious mind with thinking big-and replenishing positive energy each and every day to ensure good results, because this helps you to form solid new patterns in your daily life.

Even in the face of adversity, you will be able to do better and become more solution focused, as you will view your circumstance from many different angles.

For instance, let’s go back to the exercise example.

 If you start with a light workout, then you will be able to move on to more challenging things.

 You will see yourself more confident and becoming a better version of yourself.

More positive outcomes will come into your life, from how you feel about yourself.

When working to improve your results and situations, it’s more beneficial to select a variety of techniques for changing your habits and energy.

Just one technique can get boring and reduce your motivation and lose your newly found momentum.

It can also get less effective with constant repetition, as there is no transition or change in the repetition to keep your brain active, alert and motivated to stick to your new pattern. 

So using various techniques has several benefits.

First, it allows you to experiment and find what works better and seems more intuitive and feels good for you.

Second, it helps you train different parts of your mind and develop a variety of positive habits.

Thirdly, it helps you stay motivated and engages your brain through variety.

Curiosity is a natural tendency that all people have, and using different mind expansion techniques can scratch that itch.

It’s not always easy to find and practice new mind expansion techniques by yourself.

It can also be difficult to change all these habits by yourself, let’s face it, it’s always great to get support and guidance through transformation. 

It may be useful to work with a team of holistic professionals.

Holistic practitioners can help you achieve maximum benefits by suggesting new techniques, giving feedback, providing guidance on the journey, and finding ways to make the most effective changes in your life.

A good mix of practitioners can help you seek out new ways of improving your life and challenging yourself further and further.

It’s useful to have a team guiding you with a variety of mind /body exercises, because that ensures that a variety of approaches are considered and also that you are not stuck in a repetitive pattern which your mind could become bored with.

Overall, you can change your stress energy to become more successful.

For this objective, it’s very important to break bad habits and create new ones that are better aligned with your goals. 

You can always be better and do better, stretching your mind with new dreams and positive energy.

It’s a good idea to use a variety of techniques and have a mix of professionals to help you on your journey. ?

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