Powerful Ways to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Imagine if there were at least 365 ways to energize and reprogram your subconscious mind.

Mind power?

One wish, a dream, and a possibility for each day during a year.

You just need the magic of thinking big and the possibilities will open for you.

What if even one of these 365 ways could get you closer to your dream life?

Imagine if one of these 365 powerful ways to reprogram your subconscious could get you closer to something you dreamed about but never really put that bit of magic into practice?

How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?

Our subconscious mind makes up for 90 percent of the brain.

As such, your subconscious never sleeps.

Moreover, it listens and does exactly what you tell it to do.

In addition, your subconscious mind remembers everything you say and everything you experience, and stores all your memories for a lifetime.

Your subconscious mind does not distinguish between the real and imagined but accepts everything you tell it as the only truth.

Therefore, it is important to learn how to feed your subconscious only with positive thoughts.

In other words, whatever you consciously “plant” is exactly what will grow in your subconscious.

So, here it is: how to reprogram your subconscious mind with positive thoughts, habits, and beliefs to ensure more success in your life.

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind to Achieve Success

We can train our subconscious minds to point us in the right direction for achieving the things we have always dreamed of.

So, how to attract real success into your life? Just follow these steps backed up by scientific research.

A Question for Each Day

One of the best ways to wake up your intuition is by asking yourself an inspiring question each day of the year.

You can do this is by writing these 365 questions at the very beginning of the year.

It can be something like the New Year’s resolutions.

Write the questions down in a book and always keep the book close.

Each morning after you wake up, read the question of the day a few times.

Don’t try to answer it, though.

Rather leave it at that and let your subconscious answer it.

Or read the question before you go to bed and pay attention to your dreams afterward.

Believe that the questions will help your personal growth and development.

The following are some of the questions you may ask yourself daily:

  • What if there are endless possibilities in my life?
  • Why don’t I start each day with a smile?
  • What if I rely on my intuition more?
  • How can I use challenges to grow?
  • What things in my life am I grateful for?
  • What can I learn from obstacles in my life?
  • How can I find more love inside of me?
  • Should I leave my bitterness in the past?
  • What am I worrying about?
  • Which habit is my greatest obstacle in achieving success?
  • What thoughts are causing my bad feelings?
  • What can I do to change bad thoughts?
  • What do I need to be happy?

These are just some of the questions to give you an idea of how to provoke your subconscious mind and nudge it to work towards your success.


Visualize what you want to achieve – this is the most important step in reprogramming your subconscious mind for success. However, make sure to avoid visualizations that are too general, such as “I want to have a good life”.

We all want to have a good life, don’t we?

Your visions should be focused, clear, and specific enough to actually train your subconscious mind into taking steps toward the success.

One thing that most successful people have in common is their belief.

Believing that you are entitled to success is alright as long as you keep working hard on achieving your goals.

Your self-control, motivation, and willpower can make your dreams come true if you choose to set them in motion.

Repeated visualization can be a powerful motivation tool.

This brain rehearsal technique can boost your confidence and enhance your willpower.

Furthermore, visualization can help you familiarize yourself with the situation before it happens in reality.

How to Visualize Success?

Visualization is a technique also known as mental imagery or mental rehearsal.

It literally means imagining yourself in a specific situation performing a specific activity.

Studies show that visualization has the best results when applied through vision boards.

A good vision board focuses on those things you want to achieve.

But more importantly, an effective vision board emphasizes how you want to feel about your goals.

Research indicates that visualization works because neurons in our brain interpret mental imagery as equivalent to a real-life situation.

In other words, when you visualize an activity, your brain sends an impulse that tells your neurons to perform the movement you imagined.

This creates new neural pathways that “tell” your body to act in a way compatible with what you imagined.

Visualization is the most effective when it becomes a habit.

Regularly practiced, visualization will imprint the pictures of success into your mind.

In line with the low of attraction, your thoughts act like a magnet – using visualization, you are programming your subconscious mind to attract desired opportunities and events into your life.


Write down the things you want to achieve.

Namely, one of the best ways to program your subconscious mind is to write down your goals needed to achieve your vision of success.

You can do this by writing down your 10 goals each morning (or right before bed) and keep this visual reminder close.

Writing down your goals is important as it reprograms your subconscious mind to begin acting towards reaching your goals.

Studies show that writing the goals down helps remove conscious mental barriers and allows the intuitive and creative part of your brain to explore the opportunities and create solutions.

Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation can help you achieve desired levels of concentration, improve the ability to focus and boost your cognitive power.

In addition, meditation can help you stay present at the moment and get inspired by new ideas and beliefs.

Always keep in mind that your subconscious mind does not differentiate facts from fiction.

Moreover, your subconscious does not judge and only keeps those images you imprint in it.

Use affirmations and repeat them several times a day to make sure they are rooted in your subconscious mind.

Once you reprogram your subconscious with the commands you have given it, you will start taking steps toward achieving the desired outcomes.

Reprogramming your subconscious mind can bring many improvements to your life.

It will encourage your personal growth.

In addition, training your subconscious for success can improve your memory, focus, and decision-making skills.

Finally, engaging your subconscious mind promotes the feeling of happiness and your life satisfaction.

So what technique will you start your journey with, which one sounds the most fun to you?

Wishing you success and happiness……………………………………………….. J